Contract Dispute Lawyers


At some point in a business relationship, it is not uncommon for companies to encounter contractual disputes. When this happens, the concerns must be addressed quickly in order to avoid delays, expenses and other negative consequences. The sooner you enlist the services of experienced legal counsel, the more options you will have to resolve these matters successfully.

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Common Contract Disputes

Contract formation can be a lengthy and complicated process. There are several steps that must be fulfilled along the way toward a successful contract. An offer must be made. The offer must be accepted. There must be some form of payment or consideration for the goods or services at issue. A contract dispute can occur during any of these steps.

Common contract disputes include:

Avoiding Contract Disputes

Contract disputes often arise when one or both of the parties involved are not clear on the terms of the agreement. It can sometimes come down to just one word or definition contained in the document. Consider the following points when forming any contract:

  • Know your goal: If you or the other party is unclear of what you want out of the contract, it can be difficult to reach a successful agreement. Detail every negotiating point, such as product quantity, selling price and other considerations very clearly.
  • Be specific: Technical words and trade terms require succinct definitions.
  • Be aware of changes: Be particularly careful in situations when a product changes or if you are working with a new negotiator. Double check terms and credentials to avoid possible fraud.
  • Document the process: Record the negotiations in writing during each step of the contract process. This allows you to keep track of the history of offers, prices, amounts and other important factors.
  • Hire a contract attorney: It helps to work with a seasoned professional. The knowledgeable contract attorneys at Syprett Meshad are familiar with all aspects of contract drafting, review and negotiations. We help individuals, businesses and corporations fulfill all their contract needs.

Contracts can be complex and difficult to understand. Contract disputes can cost time, money and future legal problems. To speak with our experienced contract dispute attorney, please contact us today by calling 941-365-7171 or completing the form on this page. We proudly serve the Sarasota and Bradenton areas of Florida.