Pedestrian Injury Lawyers


According to the National Highway traffic safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 70,000 pedestrian injuries and more than 4,000 pedestrian deaths are the result of automobile accidents each year. That mathematically translates to a vehicle injuring a pedestrian every eight minutes, and killing one every two hours.

Collecting damages for a pedestrian accident can be complicated and may involve lawsuits against negligent drivers and negotiating with insurance companies. The experienced pedestrian accident attorney at Syprett Meshad has the skill and resources necessary to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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Negligence in Pedestrian Accidents

While most pedestrian injuries are the result of careless drivers, there are several factors which can lead to these unfortunate, often life-altering accidents. Constant cell phone use, for example, is partly responsible for many pedestrians to not properly look where they are going, endangering both themselves and those around them. Some of the leading causes of negligence in pedestrian accidents include:

  • Driver negligence: Operators of motor vehicles must exercise reasonable care while driving in Florida. Drivers can exhibit negligence in a number of ways, by driving too fast, ignoring traffic signs and signals, driving while intoxicated or neglecting to maintain their vehicles properly.
  • Pedestrian negligence: Pedestrians also have a responsibility to exercise reasonable care to avoid accidents. Failing to do so can directly lead to accidents and injuries. Pedestrians can be negligent by failing to use marked crosswalks, ignoring traffic signals or darting suddenly into traffic.
  • Premises liability: Although most pedestrian accidents involve other vehicles, many accidents result from unsafe sidewalks, stairs or parking lots. In these situations, a premises liability claim may be appropriate. Property owners are expected to provide safe conditions for pedestrians and failure to do so can signify negligence.

Injuries in a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians are incredibly vulnerable in collisions with vehicles, and the resulting injuries are usually catastrophic and one-sided. Although the majority of these traumatic injuries occur at initial point of impact, secondary injuries are also quite prevalent. A secondary injury happens when the force of impact propels the victim into another solid object. The initial impact, for example, may break a pedestrian’s leg, but the impact from being flung into a nearby wall or light post could fracture the victim’s skull.

Some of the most common pedestrian accident injuries include:

In the most tragic cases, pedestrian accidents can result in death. The unexpected loss of a family member is one of the most devastating events anyone can experience. Not only are priceless relationships lost forever, a family can be left without the financial means pay the funeral and medical bills, or effectively manage the standard expenses of daily life. If a negligent driver was responsible for the loss of someone you love, our attorneys can build a wrongful death case on your family’s behalf.

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