Why Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?


Handling your own divorce may seem like the easiest choice, but it can quickly become an overwhelming situation. When complicated questions and difficult decisions arise, nothing compares to having an experienced divorce lawyer fighting on your side.  At Syprett Meshad, our divorce lawyers can help you navigate this difficult process and ensure your rights are protected.

Protecting Your Best Interests

hands of wife and husband signing divorce documents or premarital agreement

Making decisions with your spouse can prove difficult, as tensions frequently run high during the divorce process. Our attorneys are here to protect your best interests when negotiating the divisions of finances, possessions, and more. We can help you secure the assets that you deserve, including:

  • Property: Florida is an equitable distribution state. The court acts on the basis that all marital property should be divided evenly unless there are factors to justify a different distribution. Our lawyers can help you determine which factors you can argue in order to receive a fair distribution of the marital property. This may include your marital contributions, the duration of the marriage, and your economic circumstances.
  • Alimony: Also known as spousal support, this is the financial support paid to one spouse to facilitate their transition into a self-supporting lifestyle. Typically, the spouse who is eligible to receive alimony payments from the other has a lower income or made significant sacrifices in their career to contribute to the marriage. Our lawyers can help you navigate the subject of alimony payments, whether you are entitled to them or being asked to pay them.
  • Children: Divorces that involve children are far more complicated than those that don’t. A divorce lawyer can help develop a plan to ensure the best outcome for you and your family. Our lawyers can help you determine parental responsibility, child support, and parenting plans in accordance with Florida law.

Situations that Strongly Warrant an Attorney

While a divorce attorney is always an invaluable asset to any case, there are some situations that strongly warrant the guidance of a professional. These situations include cases in which:

  • There is abuse, whether spousal or child
  • There are complicated financial issues
  • Children are involved
  • Your spouse has hired legal assistance
  • You suspect your spouse will lie, or be hostile
  • You and your spouse cannot agree on anything

Why Chose Syprett Meshad?

At Syprett Meshad, we know that divorce can be a complicated, draining process. Our attorneys work hard to reduce the stress, mistakes, and delays that you could deal with when going through this process alone.

Our firm has over 50 years of experience dealing with complex divorce cases. You will find a dedicated, client-focused approach at the heart of all of our cases. We have helped many people navigate this emotionally demanding process through our dedication to an individualized, compassionate approach.

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