BP Oil Spill Claims June 8 Deadline Fast Approaching

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In December, the United States Supreme Court declined to review a lower court’s ruling upholding the District Court’s approval of the Economic and Property damages Settlement Agreement in the ongoing litigation against BP over the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The Supreme Court’s decision means that the final deadline to file any claims related to the spill falls on June 8, just a few months away.

The Deepwater Horizon spill remains the largest accidental spill in U.S. history, and one of the country’s worst environmental disasters ever. Nearly 200 million of gallons of oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico over 87 days, causing immense damage to the Gulf Coast economy. While the spill hit industries like fishing and tourism the hardest, the disaster also seriously damaged other local businesses, and the real estate industry, among many other sectors.

Unsure if you qualify for damages under the Settlement Agreement? Under the BP Economic and Property Damage Class Action Settlement Agreement, you may qualify to file a claim if you or your business experienced a drop in monthly revenue between May and December 2010, as compared to prior years, and if you are an individual or business located in a county on the West Coast of Florida.

The legal team at Syprett Meshad is well-equipped to help you decide whether you have grounds to file a claim and to help you file by the June 8 deadline. Our attorneys are experienced and well-versed in navigating the often-confusing claims process, which has dragged out for almost five years.

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