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Handling your own divorce may seem like the easiest choice, but it can quickly become an overwhelming situation. When complicated questions and difficult decisions arise, nothing compares to having an experienced divorce lawyer fighting on your side.  At Syprett Meshad, our divorce lawyers can help you navigate this difficult process and ensure your rights are protected.

An uncontested divorce refers to situations where both spouses can agree on all of the major issues to be resolved and therefore don’t need to settle their case in court. While this situation is much more desirable, it’s not always possible to work out your issues amicably. In those situations, you may need to undergo a contested divorce that gets settled in court.

Going through a divorce can be a complicated process, especially if you have a sizeable amount of assets and/or young children. By doing some initial planning, you can help ensure our lawyers have all of the information necessary to craft the best possible divorce agreement to reflect your needs.

We've prepared the following infographic to help educate you regarding the types of information to compile and organize prior to your consultation. This will facilitate the process and get you on the way to starting the next chapter of your life.